Introducing the New Site & Running Rocks Blog

Published on October 20th, 2011

The Lady Southpaw website and Running Rocks blog have been re-built. I decided to fold the blog into the website so they now function as the same entity.

Check out the new site:

Running Rocks by Lady Southpaw

The home page is

Read about the origin of “Lady Southpaw” and the band

This page will be updated with events as they come. Right now we are ramping up to play alongside the New York City Marathon course. Look for a blog post on that soon!

Running Music
This is an article about the concept of “Running Music.” It is something I’m really passionate about. Running music isn’t be just any music you’ve got on your iPod anymore. It has the potential to really tap into your brain and enhance your whole experience if you choose it wisely.

180 bpm Cadence
Following some of the more artistic and philosophical reasoning behind running music, this article on cadence is more about the functional aspects and how training with properly timed music can actually affect your running biomechanics.

Songs for Running
This is a quick description of my EP available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, emusic, Rhapsody and Spotify.

This page describes the full strides workout I did in collaboration with Jonathan Jones on

Running Rocks Blog
Going forward this will be an archive of the new blog. Welcome to the introductory post. The old version on the blog can be found on blogspot.

Soon, I will be previewing events, song releases, and sharing relevant running music news including race reports and music reviews from a runner’s perspective.

A new exciting feature of the blog will be an archive of running approved songs and playlists. I will be posting what I have so far from my personal iTunes library for running and building from there. I will also be sharing my playlists with built-in workouts. This should be a useful feature for runners who are always on the search for new music to listen to.

Check back soon and let me know if there are particular songs you want me to review or include!


  1. Posted by Brian Myers on January 30th, 2016, 21:31

    I caught the running fever about 7 years ago from my boss. Since then I’ve ran our indianapolis mini marathon every year. Last year I tackled my first full marathon. Every year my goal is to run faster and more efficient. Last year I really started looking into 180 bpm cadence. I tried several apps (didn’t seem very accurate) and even a portion of the mini with a metronome. It became monotanious. This year I joined apple music and have began searching for 180 bpm songs. In the lists I kept seeing lady southpaw. Then I dug deeper. I love your concept. I will tell all my running buddies to download your music. You should play at the indianapolis mini marathon festival. It would be perfect!!!


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