The Secret to Marathon Nutrition

Published on October 17th, 2013

Every experienced distance runner knows that proper nutrition and hydration can make or break your race experience. Making sure you have the right gas in the tank will not only help you to feel strong but will stave off muscle cramps and other digestive discomforts that come from running for multiple hours.

It is important to make a nutrition game plan before your race. For most people this will occur as a process of trial and error during long training runs because everyone’s digestive systems are a little different.

Brooklyn marathon coach and founder of perk supply co., Lisa Witler, shares the secret to good race nutrition:

Race day’s the time to execute the fuel plan you perfected throughout your training. The NYC Marathon happens on the Sunday after Halloween, but be warned: no trick-or-treating! Well-intentioned spectators might offer you goodies, but do you really want an on-the-run G.I. surprise? Stick with the tried and true. Always carry a few extras of your chosen fuel source, just in case you drop one or want to help a fellow marathoner who’s running out of gas.


Original photo courtesy of Rachel Johnson

While on 4th Ave you should be starting your fuel plan since the conventional wisdom is to consume approximately 100 calories every 45 min to an hour for a long distance like a marathon. As Lisa’s fellow Coach Joel Tse puts it:

You should have started doing so early, but this is a great time to check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self. The fuel you take in here isn’t for *now*, it’s so you don’t hit a wall at mile 21.

Read more about what goes into a marathon nutrition plan from these sources:

If you’re looking for some real food to fuel you recovery or on the run, made from all real ingredients, check out Lisa’s perk supply co. (This is not an advertisement, I just like them.)


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