About Lady Southpaw

Lady Southpaw Running Music & Performance is a union of my two biggest passions: music and running. My name is Erin Sholl, I’m a Michigan transplant living in Brooklyn, NY for over a decade. I’ve had help from some cool people & organizations that are also included on this page. Please click their links and check them out.

Lady Southpaw kickboxing with CRom

Lady Southpaw and Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo

One of my first jobs was as a personal trainer. The nickname “Lady Southpaw” came from a boxing class. All my life I’ve been a lefty learning things right handed out of convenience for the equipment (for example, playing guitar.) So I was resolute in boxing and Muay Thai classes that I learn everything as a southpaw. I also loved how those martial arts classes made me feel: strong and full of adrenaline, a total exercise high. I wanted to tap that feeling as a performer and using the nickname helps me do that.

In 2008 I ran my first marathon with Team in Training. I thoroughly recommend the organization; the whole experience changed my life. As part of my fundraising I wrote a song called “Every Step Together,” for my donors as a thank you gift. It was my first “running song.” I did a ton of research to figure out what would make the best running music. The whole idea of it really inspired me. The more I experimented with it the more I wanted to pursue it further.

I wrote the Songs for Running EP in 2009 and released it independently with thanks to help from the amazing producer and singer-songwriter, Terry Radigan. She also helped me put some of my older non-running music songs together into a self-titled EP. She has been a great mentor for me in getting started and I would highly recommend her to anyone for her production services, or for Breakdown of a Breakup, her latest album!

In 2010 I collaborated with Jonathan Jones and John Frenette of Hella Sound to create, Strides: Choose to Run, a full running music workout with coaching. Hella Sound Premium Running Music offers several bpm based running compositions and workouts. These guys were both really cool and fun to work with.

In March 2011 I recruited some friends to perform with me as a band. Our first gig was the NYC Half Marathon. John from Hella Sound flew in from Houston, TX to play bass. My friends Dennis Sedita and Diana Erskine joined me on drums and back-up vocals. Fellow runner Brent Lazo from Men and Wales rocked it on lead guitar.

The Lady Southpaw Band playing the Delanacey in NYC

The Lady Southpaw Band playing the Delanacey

In 2012 amore mio Andrew Hickey took over on bass, Mike Bordino joined the lineup on guitar with Anthony Lubrino on drums. We were all ready to play the 2012 ING New York City Marathon before it was cancelled. Luckily, we got the chance to play together again for the NYC Half Marathon and at Three Jolly Pigeons in Bay Ridge.

First as a solo act and then as a band “Lady Southpaw” has had the opportunity to play several gigs, races, and fundraisers in the New York/New Jersey area. The New York Road Runners and Korff Enterprises have been great in having play big races like the NYC Half Marathon, ING NYC Marathon, 10K Mini Marathon, and Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre Party.


The Lady Southpaw Band playing the 2013 NYC Half Marathon