Lady Southpaw running music can be streamed or shared through the widget to the left. The Songs for Running set is for people who like running with music. The idea is based on the concept that there is an ideal running stride rate and running to that tempo will help develop efficiency. Also running to accurately paced music that you enjoy can lead you into the flow zone. If you are getting a natural runner’s high it will motivate you to keep doing it. Click on the titles to read about each song. You can add a song to your running playlist through your preferred retailer linked below.


                                    Songs For Running (2009)

                                        - If You Had a Life to Kill (160 bpm)

                                        - To Be Alone (170 bpm)

                                        - Get Out of My Head (180 bpm)

                                        - So Cold (180 bpm)

                                        - Why I Run (180 bpm)

                                        - Engineering Masterpiece (180 bpm)

The Lady Southpaw self-titled E.P. is comprised of songs of the last few years. It includes “Every Step Together,” the song was written to help fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


                                    Lady Southpaw (2008)

                                        - Every Step Together (166 bpm)

                                        - All the Images Wash Over Me

                                        - It Settled Into My Clothes

                                        - I Can Feel It Knocking

                                        - Mama Blue

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New! Lady Southpaw Music has teamed up with Hella Sound Premium Running Music, Jonathan Jones Instrumental Rock, and PRS Fit to bring you “Strides: Choose to Run.” This is a complete running workout to music. Download and read more on