180 bpm Running Playlists

Published on October 28th, 2011

Do you find yourself looking for new songs to run to? In order to stay fresh and avoid losing the effects of good running music you have to change things up! Here are my collections of songs for running based on my research.

As an ongoing theme of the Running Rocks blog I will be posting my running workout playlists along with ideas of how to incorporate them into training. This means using songs to cue speed intervals, hill repeats and tempo workouts.

These Running Songs:

  1. Are at or around a 180 bpm cadence or tempo. Some of them maybe a little over or a little under but they are all in the neighborhood.
  2. Have a rhythm and driving force that makes for great running music.
  3. Have been tested and approved by Lady Southpaw
  4. Tend to have a rock aesthetic… that’s just what I like! Hip hop and electronica are also really good for running and I have incorporated a few different genres but this list is best for people looking for rock and roll running playlists.

How This Running Playlist was Created

My boyfriend and I each have thousands and thousands of songs on our computers. I ran a cadence app over all of them to find out which ones were either around 90 bpm or around 180 bpm. Then I tested all of those to make sure that the app was correct and to make sure the songs felt right for running. That left only 99 songs! Then thanks to various DRM and distribution restrictions not all of them could be posted. Good running music is not easy to come by. Thanks to new platforms allowing you to stream music I will be testing 1,000s more songs in the coming months and adding them as well.

The 180 bpm Running Song Archive

Rhapsody Running Songs

I confess, I am a pretty committed Rhapsody user and have been for nearly 5 years. As a result, a lot of the music I know I don’t actually own. So I already have lots of ideas of things to test. Rhapsody is my favorite of all the platforms because it’s the one I use the most so I’m the most comfortable finding my way around it. Still I was only able to get 80+ songs in my initial posting.

Rhapsody allows you to test and buy songs without being a member. It’s very ad heavy when you’re not a member but that goes away if you create an account. They offer a 30 day free trial which is well worth it, just make sure to cancel if you don’t want to become a member because they will charge your credit card. The price levels are $9.99 and $14.99 per month depending on how many mobile devices you want to activate. You get access to millions of songs without having to download anything to your computer meaning you can log in anywhere (that’s my favorite part!) It’s also really easy to use.

Link to 180 bpm Running Songs on Rhapsody

Spotify Running Songs

Spotify is the new kid on the block and I’m still kicking its tires. You can do a free version without any mobile devices. It is super integrated with Facebook, which is both convenient and a little annoying because almost everything you do gets posted to your profile. Although It is fun to stalk your friends’ publicly posted playlists. The thing I don’t like about it is that you have to download the software to your computer in order to use it, which makes it harder to stream from your work computer for example. Although because of that you can incorporate the music on your hard drive so I was able to post most of the songs from my iTunes playlist. I’m not sure if other people stream the ones only available on my hard drive or not, I would guess not. It doesn’t seem “cloudy” enough. Also, non-members would have to create an account and download the software to test any of them. That’s good for business and annoying for people.

Link to 180 bpm Running Songs on Spotify

iTunes Running Songs

Then there is the classic iTunes. Sadly, I was only able to post 45 of the songs on my playlist thanks to DRM and their availability in the iTunes Store! The other big downer is that they now require you to publish playlists through Ping, their horrific social network. I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs was not very involved in the user experience of this network because it does not hold up to Apple’s standards of elegant design, ease of use or function. I find it frustrating, not the least because it doesn’t make that many songs available for playlists.

Link to 180 bpm Running Songs on iTunes

Here is the list so far:

Update 9/7/12: Summer Festival Running Song Review 2012

Update 4/27/12: 2012 New Indie Rock Running Songs

Update 11/15/11: For the Love of Foo

Title Time Artist Album BPM Date Added
Rock Wit You 5:37 Alicia Keys Songs In A Minor 92 10/28/11
Body Rap 0:46 Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast 90 10/28/11
Blow 3:31 BassNectar Mesmerizing The Ultra 90 10/28/11
Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada 4:36 Bassnectar Divergent Spectrum 90 10/28/11
Skin 3:19 Bassnectar / Suga Mesmerizing the Ultra 90 10/28/11
Automatique 4:08 Blackalicious The Craft 92 10/28/11
The Tide Is High 4:42 Blondie The Best of Blondie 96 10/28/11
Club Nowhere 4:51 Blue Man Group Audio 90 10/28/11
Brothers And Sisters 3:47 Blur Think Tank 92 10/28/11
Jets 6:25 Blur Think Tank 94 10/28/11
We’ve Got A File On You 1:02 Blur Think Tank 90 10/28/11
Subterranian Homesick Blues 2:21 Bob Dylan Bringing it All Back Home 90 10/28/11
Die Gedanken Sind Frei (Thoughts Are Free) 4:29 Brazilian Girls Brazilian Girls 92 10/28/11
P***y 4:08 Brazilian Girls Brazilian Girls 92 10/28/11
The Distance 3:00 Cake Fashion Nugget 90 10/28/11
Fairy Tale 2:11 Cloud Cult They Live On the Sun 90 10/28/11
Man on the Moon 3:07 Cloud Cult They Live On the Sun 90 10/28/11
Giro In Si 4:28 Daniele Silvestri Sig. Dapatas 90 10/28/11
lost souls 6:11 Doves Lost Souls 92 10/28/11
Si tratta dell’amore 4:36 Edoardo Bennato Sembra Ieri 180 10/28/11
Hold On! I’m Comin’ 6:20 Eric Clapton & B.B. King Riding With The King 90 10/28/11
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 3:07 Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 90 10/28/11
Last One Goes the Hope 4:35 Gogol Bordello Trans-Continental Hustle 94 10/28/11
19-2000 3:28 Gorillaz Gorillaz 90 10/28/11
Left Hand Suzuki Method 10:00 Gorillaz Gorillaz 94 10/28/11
Pirate Jet 2:32 Gorillaz Plastic Beach 92 10/28/11
Sweepstakes (feat. Mos Def & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) 5:20 Gorillaz Plastic Beach 92 10/28/11
American Idiot 2:54 Green Day American Idiot 93 10/28/11
ÀViva La Gloria? (Little Girl) 3:48 Green Day 21st Century Breakdown 92 10/28/11
Christians Inferno 3:07 Green Day 21st Century Breakdown 90 10/28/11
Clear the Area 4:14 Imogen Heap Speak for Yourself 180 10/28/11
A Crow Left Of The Murder 3:31 Incubus A Crow Left Of The Murder 90 10/28/11
Drive 3:53 Incubus Make Yourself 90 10/28/11
Teeth in the Grass 2:22 Iron and Wine Our Endless Numbered Days 92 10/28/11
You’ve Got A Friend 4:33 James Taylor Greatest Hits 90 10/28/11
Our Day Will Come 3:55 Jamie Cullum Catching Tales 90 10/28/11
Lily 3:52 Joan Baez Gone From Danger 90 10/28/11
Gorgeous (Ft. Kid Kudi & Raekwon) 5:58 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 90 10/28/11
Engineering Masterpiece 3:18 Lady Southpaw Songs For Running 90 10/28/11
Get Out Of My Head 2:38 Lady Southpaw Songs For Running 180 10/28/11
So Cold 3:39 Lady Southpaw Songs For Running 90 10/28/11
Why I Run 2:16 Lady Southpaw Songs For Running 90 10/28/11
Shatter 5:28 Liz Phair Exile In Guyville 94 10/28/11
Gold Guns Girls 4:05 Metric Fantasies 178 10/28/11
Brian Eno 4:32 MGMT Congratulations 90 10/28/11
The Watch 6:12 Mimi Soak 90 10/28/11
I Like To Score 2:21 Moby Songs 1993-1998 90 10/28/11
Run Thru 5:46 My Morning Jacket It Still Moves 90 10/28/11
I’ll Call Before I Come 4:18 Outkast Stankonia 180 10/28/11
War 2:44 Outkast Speakerboxxx 92 10/28/11
Half-Cocked Concepts 3:46 P.O.S. Audition 92 10/28/11
She’s Got You 3:01 Patsy Cline 12 Greatest Hits 180 10/28/11
Dead to the World 4:17 Patti Smith Gone Again 90 10/28/11
Do You 2:55 Portugal The Man The Satanic Satanist 90 10/28/11
Tension Head 2:53 Queens of the Stone Age Rated R 92 10/28/11
All I Need 3:49 Radiohead In Rainbows 88 10/28/11
The National Anthem 5:52 Radiohead Kid A 90 10/28/11
Live & Rare 3:42 Rage Against The Machine 90 10/28/11
Microphone Fiend 5:05 Rage Against The Machine Renegades 90 10/28/11
Breaking The Girl 4:56 Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 90 10/28/11
Can’t Stop 4:29 Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way 180 10/28/11
Give It Away 4:43 Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 90 10/28/11
Intro 3:57 Red Hot Chili Peppers Live In Hyde Park 90 10/28/11
Scar Tissue 3:37 Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 90 10/28/11
Someone 3:27 Red Hot Chili Peppers 90 10/28/11
Machine 3:52 Regina Spektor Far (Bonus Track Version) 90 10/28/11
We’re In The Money 2:50 Rosemary Clooney Dedicated To Nelson 90 10/28/11
An Orgy Of Critics 3:56 Say Anything Is A Real Boy 92 10/28/11
Cloudy 2:21 Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 90 10/28/11
The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine 2:47 Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 90 10/28/11
Somewhere 4:21 Soundgarden Badmotorfinger 180 10/28/11
Dio 1:41 Tenacious D Tenacious D 180 10/28/11
Octopus’s Garden 2:51 The Beatles Abbey Road 180 10/28/11
One After 909 2:54 The Beatles Let It Be 90 10/28/11
hurt like mine 3:28 the black keys thickfreakness 90 10/28/11
just a little heat 3:42 the black keys magic potion 90 10/28/11
The Fiddling Ladies 10:24 The Chieftains Tears Of Stone 90 10/28/11
I Cut Like a Buffalo 3:28 The Dead Weather Horehound 88 10/28/11
Asilos Magdalena 6:36 The Mars Volta Amputechture 90 10/28/11
Cassandra Geminni I 4:46 The Mars Volta Frances The Mute 180 10/28/11
All Along 1:39 The Offspring Conspiracy Of One 90 10/28/11
Come Out Swinging 2:47 The Offspring Conspiracy Of One 90 10/28/11
I Wanna Be Sedated 2:19 The Offspring Rare Bonus Songs 90 10/28/11
One Hundred Punks 3:14 The Offspring Rare Bonus Songs 180 10/28/11
So Alone 1:17 The Offspring Smash 90 10/28/11
What Happend To You 2:14 The Offspring Smash 90 10/28/11
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker 2:48 The Ramones Rocket to Russia 88 10/28/11
Shake Your Hips 3:00 The Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 90 10/28/11
Golden Brown 3:26 The Stranglers La Folie 92 10/28/11
Black Math 3:04 The White Stripes Elephant 180 10/28/11
The Denial Twist 2:36 The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan 90 10/28/11
For Mr. Thomas 4:15 Van Morrison The Philosopher’s Stone 90 10/28/11
Prove My Love 2:39 Violent Femmes Violent Femmes 90 10/28/11
Reconstruction Site 2:45 Weakerthans Reconstruction Site 90 10/28/11
Beverly Hills 3:16 Weezer Make Believe 88 10/28/11
Fall Together 2:03 Weezer Maladroit 92 10/28/11
My Name Is Jonas 3:25 Weezer Weezer 92 10/28/11
Perfect Situation 4:15 Weezer Make Believe 92 10/28/11
No No No 5:14 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell 94 10/28/11



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