Running Rocks List 2: For the Love of Foo

Published on November 15th, 2011

I saw the Foo Fighters play Madison Square Garden Sunday night and was totally blown away. Honestly, going in I was looking forward to Social Distortion opening for them as I was actually seeing the Foo Fighters. Don’t get me wrong Social D was still great, but Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters KILLED it. So much energy and passion and excitement, I was in awe. They really filled that massive space. They played 3 hours past midnight on a work night. Despite the fact I knew I would only be getting a few measly hours of sleep (after the drudge back to Brooklyn on the subway) I was inspired to hit the gym the next morning with an all Foo Fighters playlist. Yes, I was also inspired to play some guitar and sing my lungs out (I can really appreciate Dave’s taste for blue guitars) but I didn’t have that luxury with a full day at the office and I really am that much of a running nerd that the idea of running to the Foo Fighters was enough to get me out of bed.

The Foo Fighters playing Madison Square Garden

Taken with my crappy camera phone

Dave Grohl

Here's what Dave Grohl looks like rocking out.

Foo Fighters

My seats weren’t great and neither is my camera phone. So I’m borrowing a few shots taken by Ron, the @PunkRockRunner on twitter who does an awesome & hilarious blog called the Punk Rock Tri Guy. Those were taken someplace in California a couple months ago.

For the Love of Foo Fighters Running Playlist

Song title – Album title
1. All My Life – One By One
2. The Pretender – Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace
3. Bridge Burning – Wasting Light
4. A Matter of Time – Wasting Light
5. Monkey Wrench – The Colour And The Shape
6. Come Back – One By One
7. No Way Back – In Your Honor
8. Good Grief – Foo Fighters
9. Next Year – There Is Nothing Left To Lose

The full list is available on here:
Ignore the pace per mile on Runners striving for efficient leg turnover can comfortably maintain the high tempos at any pace. Read more about it in my article on 180 bpm Cadence. The problem with trying to put together a playlist based on one band is that many of their best songs do not conform to this cadence. So, I made exception to my usual standard of nothing lower than 175 bpm (or 88 bpm) but was able to keep it mostly above 170 bpm and still get some great songs in.

The workout the playlist inspired was a tempo run. Meaning, rather than doing speed intervals and rests the idea is to try to run at a comfortably hard pace for the whole duration of the playlist. Since the first song had a slower tempo I used it as my warm-up and the last song has a slower feel so that was my cool down. Ideally you want to progressively increase your speed as you go, but all runners know that is very difficult. I imagined Dave and the Foo Fighters rocking for 3 hours and not slacking on the energy level from start to finish and it really got me going.



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