Lady Southpaw Creates and Collects 180 bpm Running Music


Why make music especially for running you ask? That’s easy, because running rocks! A great run and a good soundtrack go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lady Southpaw compositions and curated playlists help with marathon training, organizing workouts, or adding flavor to everyday runs.


Original Running Music

Original guitar rock compositions for running at 180 bpm. Marathoners Rocking New York is a full length concept album for the NYC Marathon. Song for Running is an EP designed to get you up to the 180 bpm cadence. Strides: Choose to Run is a 25 min stride interval workout composition.


180 bpm running songs

Read more about why we believe 180 bpm is the magic number. This cadence works for ANY PACE! (Explanation here.) See the 180 bpm Running Song list and curated playlists.


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