Strides: Choose to Run is a full length running music workout. It is based on the “strides” workout elite coach and exercise physiologist Jack Daniels, PhD, recommends in his book, Daniels’ Running Formula. This is a useful workout that can be used at any level of training. From beginners trying speed work for the first time, to veterans testing themselves after injury or time off to anyone wanting to practice some speed on tired legs at the end of a long run. 

The instrumental was written and performed by Jonathan Jones of Linwood Studios. The coaching is provided by Ironman certified coach and personal trainer, Jeff Kline. It was produced in collaboration with the running music site, HellaSound, which is no longer in business.

The track is organized by:

  1. 10 minutes of warm-up

  2. 10 minutes of workout intervals.

    a. 1 min intro with coaching explanation

    b. 6 intervals of 30 seconds fast running and 1 minute rests *

  3. 5 minutes of Cool down.

* note: the last fast interval stretches a few seconds longer just to mess with you and because it felt good.

The entire track is at 180 bpm, so even though thematically the warm-up and cool-down may feel slower, they are actually at the same tempo as the workout itself. For the purposes of stride intervals the focus is really on maintaining that quick consistent cadence whether you are going fast or slow. This workout is more about form and technique than sustaining speed for any significant length of time. Therefore, if you are tacking it on the end of a longer running playlist don’t worry about the warm-up slowing you down.

Artistically this was a fun piece to make because when you are trying to fill up such long format there is opportunity for storytelling and taking a journey with the narrative. It has the potential to be a new kind of artistic genre especially for runners!

This track is currently only available on Soundcloud.