180 bpm Running Songs

When you’re running and music is synchronized to your movements, it motivates you. The effects are euphoric and 180 bpm is the magic number. This cadence works at ANY PACE. Marathoners Rocking New York by Lady Southpaw is a concept album about the New York Marathon written entirely at a 180 bpm cadence. It can be used as a treadmill workout playlist for marathon training.

I run to music exclusively around 90/180 bpm (there can be variations as long as it’s within 175-195 bpm), so I’ve got a big collection of (mostly) rock music at that tempo that motivates me.


Running Playlist Categories:

The Best 180 bpm Running Songs = My top picks, these songs will never let you down when you have a need for speed.

More 180 bpm Running Songs = Other songs in my library that are run-worthy, but may have some irregularities. They’re best for warm-ups/long slow distance.

All songs are in the neighborhood of 90 or 180 beats per minute (BPM.) I’ve listed them as steps per minute (SPM) for reference. If the song is a slower 90 bpm, your feet should be going double time at 180 spm.

Qualities for good running songs:

  1. A clear, easy to hear, consistent beat

  2. A high tempo of 180 bpm or more in order to synchronize steps

  3. Motivational lyrics and aesthetic

  4. I love ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!!

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Best 180 bpm Running Songs


More 180 bpm Running Songs