4 Min. Repeat Workout Playlist

Here’s playlist for getting over the winter, confined to the treadmill blues. Spice up your treadmill runs by listening to this playlist as a 4 min repeat workout.

Warm-up at Easy pace, 6 x 4 min repeats at Threshold pace with 1 min rests, Easy pace cool down.

The first threshold pace 4 min repeat song is “Thrift Shop.”

“We’ve Got a File on You,” by Blur appears 4 times because it’s about a minute long and I don’t have too many minute long songs in my library. I also included “13.1, Halfway Done,” from my marathon concept album as the halfway point to break up the breaks.

Beastie Boys are always great because their beats are easy to hang on to while running plus they get you pumped up with their great lyrics. “Make It Wit Chu,” is relatively easy going for QOTSA which makes it good for warming up. One note, there is a weird part at the end of this recording where the beat drops, I used it as an audio cue that my work out was about to begin.

The 4 minute long songs are all solid running favorites of mine. I made them a little faster as I went but not too much faster.

It felt great to get it done and show the winter who’s boss.

BPM = Beats Per Minute, SPM = Steps Per Min.
The tempos are between 85-97 or 175-193 depending on if you count the basic or double time. To your feet this equals the ideal stride rate. This cadence does not affect your pace, just your turnover.