This playlist is for runners who like to run to guitar driven rock. Nothing against other genres, but so many “running playlists” are comprised of top 40 pop, so this is an alternative.

What could be more motivating than thinking of Dave Grohl running across the stage, shredding, spraying sweat, spit and then screaming into the mic? To me, nothing. When rock stars play their instruments it’s a cardio event in itself. Running to fast, guitar-driven, rock gets me high. It feels like fitting a high energy rock concert into my daily life.

Each artist I chose only got one track and there were several that got cut out to keep it under an hour. I’ve been doing this playlist as treadmill workout, with the first 30 min SUPER easy (don’t get too excited by all grinding chords, stay light in the beginning) then I do some strides (30 sec hard and fast with 1 min rests) with some songs as 400m intervals. I can’t resist doing “American Idiot” and “My Name is Jonas” as an all out hard effort at the end. If you can get through that feeling strong I guarantee you’ll have an afterglow!

BPM = Beats Per Minute, SPM = Steps Per Min.

The tempos are between 85-97 or 175-193 depending on if you count the basic or double time. To your feet they are all in the neighborhood of the ideal stride rate. This can be done at any speed or pace.

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